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Kinmount Fish Farm

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Kinmount Fish Farm
K. H. Dickob, Owner
808 Crystal Lake Road, Kinmount, Ontario, K0M 2A0
Tel. (705) 488-2660 Fax. (705) 488-2835
Email. KinmountFishFarm@xplornet.com

About Us

Kinmount Fish Farm was registered and licensed to culture fish and as a fishing preserve in 1979. Originally we cultured rainbow and brook trout and large and small mouth bass only.

In the mid nineties the game and fish act of Ontario was amended so that additional native fish species were permitted to be cultured for food and stocking purposes. We took advantage of the changes to culture more species of fish and we are now the most diversified fish farm in Ontario (see our fish species list). Most species are available every year but some we culture on a prearranged assignments only. We culture our fish in 24 ponds on our home farm and also in more than 15 leased ponds elsewhere.

Our next project we are working on is to hold seminars on our farm for interested persons who like to culture fish for profit or hobby. If requested we will support these persons afterwards as required. Further seminars on stocking fish and management of ponds and lakes might be arranged if interest warrants this.

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