Head Office: OFEAA, 808 Crystal Lake Rd. Kinmount, Ontario K0M 2A0
Phone: 1-705-488-2660 Email: info@ontarioaquaculture.net

About Us

The Ontario Fishery Enhancement and Aquaculture Association is an association comprised of Land Based Aquaculturists, Pond Owners, Land Owners who manage waters on their land, Cottage Associations and other Stakeholders interested in culturing and stocking fish in Ontario. It is apparent that many other stakeholders other than fish farmers have a need to be represented by an organization.

Downloads: Constitution, Application


  1. To direct the attention of government agencies and the public at large to the member's activities in their role of producing Aquaculture Products for human consumption and recreational purposes.
  2. To develop a program to promote the objectives of the members.
  3. To encourage and develop an environmentally friendly aquaculture industry in Ontario.
  4. To develop an educational and support program for aquaculturists.
  5. To develop a program that will address fish stocking.
  6. To promote quality control guidelines and standards for Ontario farm-raised fish for human consumption and for the purpose for stocking fish in Ontario waters.
  7. To represent the members in negotiations with all government and other agencies in matters pertaining the objectives of the association.
  8. To familiarize its members with any pertinent information relevant to the objectives of the association.
  9. To coordinate advertising, exhibitions and other functions which will further our industry.
  10. To revise the objectives and add more if it is deemed necessary.